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Hugoton Chamber of Commerce Members
Tour MasCow Dairy

June 2011

To celebrate Dairy Month, the chamber sponsored a tour of MasCow Dairy for whoever wanted to attend. Jody Wacker conducted the tour. MasCow Dairy has 20 employees and approximately 4,000 cows in the dairy. Milk cows number 3,200 and the rest are dry cows or getting ready to calve. The cows are milked every 12 hours. Seventy cows are milked at the same time using the milking machines.

They use cold water to cool the fresh body-temperature milk to 34F within minutes before putting it into holding tanks. They then run the cold milk into the trucks to send to the processing center for pasteurizing and homogenizing. They send out ten truckloads of milk every two days.

Stevens County is fortunate to have the MasCow Dairy here.