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Governor Brownback declares June Kansas Dairy Month

Every year, the dairy industry celebrates June as Dairy Month. This year, Governor Sam Brownback to made an official proclamation of June as Kansas Dairy Month as a way to bring attention to dairy products, honor dairy producers for the hard work they do and the positive contributions they make to their local economies. Governor Brownback and the Kansas Secretary of Agriculture, Dale Rodman, drove across the state (a 6 hour drive) to attend the celebratory event. Legislators from the counties in Western Kansas were invited as well.

During the event, the hosting dairy producer had an opportunity to visit with attendees about the importance of securing a reliable, legal workforce. He introduced the staff at the dairy and told a bit about each employee, highlighting the contributions each of them make to the dairy operation and to their community.

It was a well-attended event, with nearly 80 dairy producers, county commissioners, media, and state government officials participating. Media representatives from two radio stations and a regional agriculture magazine attended the event, interviewed the Governor and the hosting dairy producer.

Dairy Herd published this story here.