Ag Oasis Photo Gallery

Mas-Cow Dairy Sign
Cows Eating Hay
Each Cow has Her Own Personality
Cow & Calf comfort is a priorty
Cows basking in the sun on a bed of soft dirt
Milk is transported within 48 hours
Clean, soft straw for calves in the nursery
Our cows are monitored daily
Welcome to Mas-Cow Dairy
Some of our Cows enjoying their meals
More of our cows enjoying their meals
Getting to Know each other
Calf health monitored in the nursery
The Milk never touches human hands
Everyone helps in producing the milk
Diets are designed by an animal nutritionist
Fresh feed is delivered to cows twice daily
Cows eagerly await the delivery of fresh feed
We ship several loads of fresh milk daily
Cows stand on a soft rubber mat when milked