Facts & Fun

Hi kids! We have everything right here for you to learn more about dairy farming and some fun games for you to enjoy! Just click on the links to the side and have fun!

Udderly Funny Jokes

Q. Why do cows wear bells?
A. Because their horns don't work.

Q. What do cows wear in Hawaii?
A. Moo moos

Q. Why did the farmer feed his cow money?
A. He wanted rich milk.
Q. Where do cows go on vacation?
A. Moo York

Q. What happens when a cow stops shaving?
A. It grows a Moo-stache

Q. What is every cow's favorite music?
A. The sound of Moo-sic

Q. What are Eskimo cows called?
A. Eski-moos

Q. What do you call the cow that fell in a hole?
A. A holey cow!

Q. What do cows do on a Saturday night?
A. They go to the moovies.

Q. What would you use to count cows?
A. A Cow-culator.