Animal Care

We take care of our cows by providing a nutritious diet, good medical care and healthy living conditions so you and your family can enjoy high-quality milk.

Medical Care

We work closely with veterinarians to keep our cows healthy and comfortable. Dairy cows receive periodic checkups, vaccinations and prompt treatment of illness. Sometimes it is necessary for us to treat our cows with antibiotics when they are ill, just as humans sometimes need medication with they are sick. A cow being treated for illness is separated from the milking herd to ensure her milk does not go into the milk supply.

Cow Comfort

Healthy cows produce more milk. Our cows are housed in open pens that allow them to move about, eat, drink or rest whenever they like. The cows have continual access to sunshine, fresh air, clean water, and a soft place to lie down. Our pens also provide shade and protection from the wind, cold and rain.


Cows eat nearly 100 pounds of food and drink 25-50 gallons of water each day. We work with an animal nutritionist to ensure our cows get the nutrition they need. Our nutritionists makes regular visits to our farms, looking at the cows, checking our health records, and monitoring the feed to make sure each cow has a healthy diet.


A cow produces about 8 gallons of milk every day. She is milked 2-3 times per day and seems to enjoy her visits to the milking parlor. She stands on a comfortable rubber mat while being milked, in a calm, quiet environment.