Caring for the land, air and water is a responsibility we share with the local communities where we farm.

We are committed to following regulations and best management practices to protect the health of our families, our communities and our cows, and to maintain the quality of our milk and the water we drink.


Our farms support practices that make economic sense, help the environment, and are socially responsible to our communities and the world. For example, we are responsible users of water in our milking parlors, barns and crop production practices. Water is reused numerous times for cooling milk, cleaning the barn floor, and watering crops.

Nutrient Management

The manure produced by our cows is a valuable resource to many farmers in our local communities. The nutrients in cow manure fertilize crops, add organic matter to the soil and reduce farmers' dependence on chemical fertilizer. Our company makes a significant investment each year to ensure proper management of nutrients in order to help protect air and water quality and public health and meet all required regulations.


The contributions our farms make to the local economy are measured not only in dollars and cents, but also in the well being of the communities where we live and work. Our farms provide jobs to 80 local families, support local businesses by purchasing feed and supplies close to home whenever possible.

Through improvements in cow genetics and technology, American dairy farmers are able to produce more milk from less land, water and other natural resources. In fact, the dairy industry's carbon footprint has decreased by 63% since 1944!