Food Safety

From our dairy to you, our milk goes through strict quality controls to ensure freshness, purity and great taste.

Milk From the Cow

Our milking equipment delivers milk directly from the cows to a refrigerated holding tank, never touching human hands, to preserve freshness and safety. Milk comes out of the cow at 100 degrees Fahrenheit and is cooled, within seconds, to 35 degrees F to ensure quality and freshness. Within eight hours of being harvested from the cows, the milk is transported to processing plants for continued freshness and safety.

Milk Safety Standards

Milk and dairy products are among the most highly regulated foods in this country. Strict U.S. government standards ensure that milk is wholesome, safe and nutritious. Every load of milk is strictly tested for antibiotics at our farm and again at the processing plant. Any milk that tests positive for antibiotics cannot be sold to the public.